Applying for VA service-connection without a claims representative is like going to court without a lawyer.


One of DAV’s primary missions is providing direct assistance to veterans applying for federal VA service-connection and the disability and health benefits that come with service-connection. You do not have to be a DAV member to receive assistance from DAV.


You can count on DAV service from DAV National Service Officers (NSOs) in offices nationwide when you need help. DAV NSOs are highly trained, professional experts who have undergone comprehensive training program in veterans’ affairs.


Contact the DAV National Service Office nearest you for help with your claim.


In Wisconsin, the DAV’s NSO office is in Milwaukee:


DAV National Service Office

VA Regional Office Rm. 162

5400 West National Ave

Milwaukee WI 53214-3461

·     Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm

·     Phone: (414) 902-5736

·     FAX - 10 page limit: 414-902-9440


In Wisconsin, you can also start your claim with your local County Veterans Service Officer and have DAV represent you once your claim is ready to be sent to the Milwaukee VA Regional Office for adjudication.


NSOs function as attorneys-in-fact, assisting veterans and their families in filing claims for:

·     VA disability compensation and pension;

·     Vocational rehabilitation and employment;

·     Education;

·     Home loan guaranty;

·     Life insurance;

·     Death benefits;

·     Health care; and,

·     Much more.


DAV NSOs represent more clients than all other veterans’ groups at the highest level of appeal within the Department of Veterans Affairs. What’s more, all services provided by DAV NSOs are free of charge.

Transition Assistance Officers

Need guidance making the transition to civilian life? Contact a DAV Transition Service Officer.


DAV’s 38 Transition Service Officers provide benefits counseling and assistance to service members filing initial claims for VA benefits at more than 109 military installations throughout the nation.


By filing compensation claims at separation centers, where service medical records and examination facilities are readily available, DAV is able to provide better, more prompt service to these future veterans.


This is the May 2012 schedule of the DAV Mobile Service Office in the State of Wisconsin Mobile Service Office WI 2012.

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