*As a Reminder*


Ø Tricare Reserve Select Premiums can only be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer starting 1 Jan 2013.*


Ø TRS Premium Payment Changes Starting January 1, 2013*


Ø Starting January 1, 2013 the following changes will occur with Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) Premiums:

Ø All premiums must be paid by either recurring electronic funds transfer (EFT) from financial institutions or recurring credit/debit card (RCC).

Ø No written checks will be accepted

Ø Reservists who use bill pay on-line services should check with th efinancial institution to see if checks are issued on demand vice electronic transfer. Ensure all payments are submitted via electronic funds transfer.

Ø There will be no monthly bills generated after January 1, 2013.

Ø Member-only coverage will be $51.62.

Ø Member and Family coverage will be $195.81.

Ø No action will be required for those already set up for electronic payment