TO: Bluejackets, past and present


FROM: R. T. Caldwell USS Hollister DD788




This book, Sailors and Dogs Keep Off, is a compilation of, you guessed it, "sea stories". I wrote it over 40 years ago but didn't have the guts to get it published until now. My Mother would have skinned me alive! She was a big, feisty woman. Ran a gym down on the lower east-side. Bless her soul.


But now the book is out and about and I'd like you to pick up a copy. Make an old man happy!  I'm almost ready for that big scivvy house in the sky!


And after you read it, for Pete's sake, let me know what you think. Log on to and write a review. If you think it's lousy then tell me it's lousy or I just might write another one!


Your buddy,


R.T. Caldwell (USS Hollister DD788)


Oh - the book is called "Sailors and Dogs Keep Off" and you can get it from or ask your local bookstore.   Or go to


Editorial Reviews

Sailors and Dogs Keep Off! chronicles the “on the beach” adventures of two young destroyer sailors from California to the Far East.

At sea, they perform their assigned duties and watches professionally and responsibly. When their ship pulls into a port, however, and the last line is doubled-up and liberty commences, it is strictly a case of “Let the games begin!”

Sexual and pugilistic escapades and other hijinks that they engage in are graphically related. This narrative is both titillating and humorous. It pulls no punches. It truly is a sailor’s story!

About the Author

R. T. Caldwell was born in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, into a coal-mining family. As a young boy, he moved with his parents to Toronto, Canada, where he received most of his schooling. At eighteen, still an American citizen, he enlisted in the Navy in Chester, Pennsylvania. On being discharged, he returned to Canada, where he started a family and established his own business.

Caldwell plays guitar and piano, does pencil and pastel portraits, and has several poems and short stories published. This is his first novel