I reported on board Bordelon Christmas Eve 1955. I remember it was cold as hell and the first thing I remember being a sentry on the fantail with a carbine. Don’t know if I had bullets or not!!!


I remember a first class sonar man named Ditmore, he and I spent a lot of time on the 01 level seasick. I lost weight on the first cruise we went on. I did mess cooking on Bordelon.


We made a cruise to the Caribbean ... worked for an old BM1 named Osborne. I was in the first division, worked for a BM1 named Richey.


I was only on there for a year… orders came in for a SN to go to the USS Canberra CAG2 commissioning crew...I was sure glad to get those orders as I was always seasick...wanted to die !!!!


I was on a mine sweeper USS detector MSO 429 that rode much better than that tin can... does any one remember Lcdmr JJ Doaks, XO, he never bought cigarette, smoked op's !!!! I think the captain’s name was Cdmr Mullins at that time. I reported my first mail buoy on Bordelon!!! I never saw it every one got a good laugh... I was naive at that time!!! A young kid just out of school from southern Minnesota... Spring valley.


George L. Cleveland IC1 USN-retired.

I retired in 1974 at Cinclant Flt headquarters...CCTV Tech