I was happy to get the news, I’m computer challenged so my wife handles it for me.  I was glad to look at the pictures you had in the newsletter. I lost my sea bag with so many pictures and uniforms. The only pictures I have are from when I was in boot camp.


I have been happily married to Diane for 45 years, we had one girl Lesley, she lives in Pa, one son Jason that lives in Maine, and we are blessed with 2 grand daughters 2 grandsons.


We both enjoying being retired. The first of May, Diane was in Florida at our son's time share and had a great week with our son and daughter and our 2 grandsons. I stayed home because I dislike flying. I was happy to have Diane back home.


We are looking forward to a trip to New Hampshire, as it has been years since we were there; it is such a picturesque state with a lot of mountains. You certainly can inhale the fresh air in the mountains.


Hope that everyone has a wonderful summer. 


Ronnie Tinkham