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Whose name stands out above the rest?
Who never seems to feel distressed?

By whom is BORDELON impressed?
Roger Ball.


Be it jet, or Able Dog or even Stoof--
As each plane rounds into the groof--
Who states his name with savior fare
With pear-shaped tones coming o’er the air?
Who never seems to have a care?

Roger Ball.


What type of man, this aviator,

Who works through movie call and later?
Is he a Hercules in might
With eyes that pierce the blackest night?
A paragon who is always right,

Roger Ball.


We’re sure that Moms throughout the nation
 Of sons who serve with dedication
Would rest secure if they could know
Of this man who seems to make things so...
This steadfast, staunch and sturdy pro,
Roger Ball.


Courtesy USS BORDELON DD 881

This was written by a crew-member aboard USS BORDELON, a plane guard destroyer, years ago after hearing the LSO’s acknowledgement of “Roger, Ball” during recovery operations