I left Bordelon June of '65, a new skipper had just taken command from CMDR. AD Thompson,, overnight the ship changed, from happy crew, to  unhappy crew,  I was GMG3 at the time,  GMGC Teague was my Chief,,  many shipmates had re enlisted to stay aboard,, I did not, as I had a father dying of cancer, an three young sisters at home...


But things did not seem as bad as what I have heard from the early 70s. She was an old ship, we had several fires along the way,, one burned the main power cables, an we drifted for many hours,  maybe 8 or 10,  not fresh in my memory..


It seemed we were cut very short of funds going thru FRAM,, a we had to scrounge for parts an even floor tiles, some we stole from the shipyard.  We did have problems after FRAM,, but just came back to Charleston and did dry dock several times, but we did our Ops, local and the Summer of '64,,  ASW all that Summer out of Hamilton, Bermuda.  I was the gunner dropping grenades off the fantail to simulate ASROK launch.


We made water for the base at GITMO during the water crisis, early '64, gun guard there too,, Ops / plane guard for the FDR...  We did well during Fleet Training at GITMO,, I was pointer Mt 51, fired well at Culebra too. ASROK quals not a problem.


Early '65,, we did the Med Cruise, and the Red Sea patrol alone,  mainly fuel supply problems from the Brit Navy.. Then we did Dominican Republic Intervention for several months, and made it back to Charleston by mid June.


I had a very good two years aboard,, loved the ship, but Glynn Burleson RM3, and I got out the same day, an we were very glad to be off the ship because of the new skipper.  Glynn an I both knew Capt. Thompson very well, still do,,  he delivered messages to the skipper,, I was ships photographer, an did all the photography for the skipper an he also loaned me to an Admiral,, forget his name.


Overall it was a very good tour for me, set the stage for my entire Naval career,  retired later as a Command Chief.


Later as a young Chief, running a USN Recruiting Station, it was very distressing to get the message that Bordelon was ran over by Kennedy, an a total loss.    I had a very large photo of Bordelon on my office wall, actually a poster,,  from a photo taken by PHC Jackman during our ASROC quals in Key West,, I still have the original photo negative, gave to me by Chief Jackman,, as I was the official ships photographer at the time..


Would appreciate any more info about Bordelon during the late 60s an early 70s.


Doug Traylor  '63 thru mid '65

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