Back in 1972 when Bordelon was ready to leave Charleston for West Pac all preparations were made to get underway and the sea & anchor detail was set but we had a problem.


Suddenly a fellow showed up in a kayak around our stern.


This was just the tip of the iceberg.  Turns out there were many anti-war protesters in canoes and other small craft blockading our departure down river.


The Bordelon went to repel boarders and the crew manned fire hoses and an armed watch was set along the port & starboard sides of the ship.  The base security &  FBI were called out to aide us and the rest of the task force in leaving Charleston for West Pac.


The fellow in the kayak kept crossing our stern keeping us from backing away from the pier and he was quite elusive darting in & out under the pier and the FBI was having no luck in apprehending him even after a small boat was launched to purse him.


It was quite a show.  Some of our crew members actually cheered him for his antics.  Well tempers were starting to flare at this whole episode, one of the FBI agents asked for a length of small line and formed a noose.  He sat on the edge of the pier and when the protester in the kayak appeared from under the pier he lassoed him and yanked him out of his kayak pulling him all the way on to the pier. After a short struggle he was lead away in handcuffs for some much need reflection in a local jail cell.


Meanwhile we were able to get underway but faced a string of canoes and small craft stretched across the navigation channel of the river.


This problem was solved with help from the Coast Guard and some of the mine sweeps from the Naval Base.


So it can be said that this was the first time in her history that the Bordelon had to repel boarders and run a blockade all while still in her home-port and all in just a matter of hours.