Sims was late getting on Station


1976 - USS Sims


The incident with the top portion of the mast snapping off happened during the cruise in 1976. During that transit the superstructure of the ship broke from the main deck up and over sonar control. It seems as if we were traveling with some old Fram 2 destroyers that could not handle the seas at 18 knots, they were taking belly slaps. The Sims didn't handle 14 knots well as our sonar dome came out of the water and induced a vibration throughout the ship. That was determined to be the cause of the mast problem and with the superstructure.


When the JFK collided with the Bordelon, the Sims was late getting on Station and the Bordelon took our place. It could have been us!


At least those are my recollections. The mast incident was very memorable as I was almost written up for assisting the BMC in lashing the mast to the tower. The BMC went up with some line and no safety harness, I donned a harness and tied myself off and attempted to secure the BMC. He was nominated for a Navy Achievement Medal for the same action I was threatened with being put on report. Both actions were dropped, the BMC didn't care much for me after that!!


The Sims was later fitted with an expansion joint across Sonar Control.


Tom Cash