We were steaming off the coast of Libya, of course we were at GQ. I was Mount Captain of mount 51. We were in formation as part of the Kennedy Battle Group. Anyway, headed for us was this Soviet tanker. She didn't seem to want to give us the right of way. Bordelon was blowing the whistle, but she wasn't altering her course. I called down to fire control and ask permission. They said yes.


I called down to both Mt 51 & 52 "Surface action port" Both gun mounts trained to port and pointed right at the tanker. The tanker changed her course as soon as we trained at her. I was quite pleased with my self, however the CO didn't seem to share my feelings. The next thing I heard from Fire Control was, "Mt 51, Mt 52. Ready surface," "Secure from General Quarters, Petty Officer Caldwell, lay to the bridge." I won't go into detail, but I think I lost about 5 Lbs. of ass that afternoon.

Ed Caldwell