My recollection of the 1960 Med storm


Regarding the Med Cruise storm, I was new on the Bordelon in 1960 when "blow the man down" seemed to be literal!  If I recall correctly, we were anchored off Golfe Juan, France.  The storm began moving in quickly while a number of the crew was ashore.


It became so rough so fast; we had to slip the anchor while the BTs were frantically trying to get steam up.  I was assigned as mess cook, but had been training on Main Control throttles (W.W.Baxter was CPO, I think).  It was a bit tricky to get turns on the propeller shaft and not "drag" the steam down to a dangerously low point.  I think for a while we were barely moving with only 300-350 lbs main steam pressure to the main turbine.  Finally, once the BTs got the upper hand, we  got enough turns to gain way.


That night, the cooks stuck with the menu and served barbequed spare ribs ... I seem to recall two s*** cans full in the scullery (my station at the time).  Even though we lashed the cans down, they broke loose during the night - man, what a mess to clean the next day!  I think I recall a few unkind thoughts about MacCaffrey or whoever was the duty cook (not that I could say anything, Mac was about 6' 2" and tougher than I ever thought about being).


Say, does anyone recall GM Nash?  And about the time he tried to come aboard with two huge jugs of wine under his pea coat while we were tied up in Naples?



John McDonald