She just hung there .........


1958 -1962


I got some pictures of us in a storm over in the Med. We were in it for 4 days.  We lost all of our rubber rafts and our motor whale boat.


There were 4 life rafts left and they were up by the Bridge.  Guess where I lived for the four days we were in the storm?  We made one turn around and got caught by a big wave and I was standing side ways inside the signal shack looking down at the yard arm blinkers in the ocean.


She just hung there for it seemed like a lifetime and I did not think she was going to make it back up.  You could feel the starboard propeller was out of the water and the ship was vibrating & shaking like a leaf.  What an experience that was!  I will take that memory to the grave with me.


Those waves were so high that they were coming down on top of the signal shack and bridge!!


Albert Young SM2