I was an MRFN when I boarded and MR2 when I left. (Machinery Repairman.)

I was in the A-Gang, stood watches in Main Control (Fwd engine room) and was a boat engineer on the motor whale boat in our foreign port visits.

I am the unacknowledged creator of the "Busy Bee" cartoon logo ----- borrowed in part from the Seabees.

(The bee was shown with a "radar wand" in his two upper "arms" and a "sonar wand" in his two lower "arms.")

I painted it on the engine cover of the motor whale boat. (The XO wouldn't give me permission to paint it on the forward stack.)

He also appeared on a jacket patch and on Zippo lighters and I'm not sure if he was also on mugs through the Ship's Store on board. (The bee, not the XO.)

Rudy Sanda - 1956