Boat House Antiques & Gifts, LLC - located in Institute, Wisconsin, (5 miles north of Sturgeon bay) and available to you on the World Wide Web - offers one of the Internet's finest collections of treasures and antiques from land and sea. In fact, you could sail around the world and not find this kind of collection.


You can  find such collections of antique clocks, rare furnishings, fine figurines, beautiful rugs, art works, precious jewelry, coins and stamps.  With antiques and collectibles from parts of the world like China, Europe, Asia, Japan, South America and Mexico, around the world in 80 days has a new meaning.  Boat House Antiques and Gifts offer the best of our nation’s rich heritage.

Through Boat House Antiques & Gifts, LLC Online, you have the opportunity to use today's technology to own rarities from the past. This is a full service, e-commerce web site. It allows you to view, inspect and purchase unique antiques and fine crafts items available to all who pass through either our electronic port, or the one in Institute.
Be sure to visit our Model Boats Page, which is the heart and soul of Boat House Antiques & Gifts. There you will find the award winning model ships built by our friend and inspiration, the late Master Craftsman, Arnie Wegner.
Feel free to browse our site, just as you would when walking through our store. You can e-mail us with any question. And you can confidently purchase an item with the security that is offered from this protected e-commerce site.

Enjoy your "e-visit" to Boat House Antiques & Gifts